Unlock your potential at the Discover Your Passion, Elevate Your Business Summit – where passions meet success.

September 6th, 2023

Are you ready to discover your passion and elevate your business at the transformative summit designed for success-driven entrepreneurs?

Learn the strategies for success from experienced entrepreneurs. It is never to early or late too learn something new.

Hosted by: Katie Tschida

Digital Organizer and Virtual Assistant

In this exclusive audio-only event, you'll learn...

• Learn the art of persuasive messaging with expert tips from our seasoned copywriter, and captivate your audience like never before.

• Unlock the potential of virtual assistance with our VA coach

•Learn the secrets of financial success from our bookkeeping expert, and take control of your business finances with confidence.

And more....

GEt essential strategies to discover your passion and elevate your business while having time to with your family.

Get Immediate access:

• 5 Exclusive speaker interviews

• Speaker Interview page and private podcast access to listen on-the-go

• Special Speaker resources & limited-time offers


(The only problem will be deciding which one to listen to first!)


Jade Elsberry - VA Coach

How to ditch the 9-5 and work from home

We will get to hear how Jade was driven by her unwavering dedication to her boys and the desire to be present for their every milestone, she made the life-changing decision to work from home. Embracing the challenges with determination, She transformed her initial "I can't do it" mindset into the driving force behind the creation of a thriving multi-six figure business, proving that with resilience and passion, anything is possible.

Lisa Cumes - Copywriter Coach

How to transition into copywriting (and make more money)

Lisa is a freelance copywriter and StoryBrand Guide who has built a multiple 6-figure, online copywriting agency, over the past 5 years. She and her team help startups and personal brands simplify their message and streamline their content marketing. https://simplestorysolutions.com/ She also has a passion for helping freelancers stop hustling and start building thriving full time businesses. As a mom of 3 kids, she knows how to navigate mommy guilt, actually be productive working from home and coaches other freelancers through Full Thrive Freelancers with online courses, coaching and free training focused on leveraging the Upwork Platform. https://www.fullthrive.co/

Jen Tran- Graphic Designer

Designing with Purpose: How Principles Shape Powerful Graphic Design

Heya! I'm Jen Tran, a small town, Vietnamese American gal with a passion for design and a heart for teaching. As a multi-faceted professional, I have crafted a unique path combining my expertise as a graphic designer and an experienced teacher. I strive to be a reliable and communicative graphic designer who is ready to listen and advise a client's needs and goals when it comes to the visual sides of their business. I graduated from the University of Central Missouri with a BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration. Before then, all I knew was that I wanted to do something creative. I actually didn't know the word "graphic design" until the summer of 2012 when I was deciding a major! Since then, I have been honing my skills in graphic design by working in companies, organizations, and with individual clients. Since last year, I've been focusing more on small business owners who need a redesign on their brand identity or website and creating Instagram social posts. My goal is to elevate my client's brand identity and online presence so that they are in line with their business and values. Beyond my graphic design side, I found that I have a heart for teaching. I taught ESL for 4 years in Vietnam while freelancing. I currently teach graphic design online to young learners. If you've got a project in mind, I'd love to hear about it!

Gianni Logan, MBA,

Blueprint to Business & Bookkeeping

Meet Gianni Logan, MBA! As a 15 (+) year Corporate Accountant who, for the last five years has run a successful Accounting & Business Consulting firm.
There's so much to know about running a successful business and what you don't know can hurt your business, especially in the area of Accounting, Bookkeeping, & Taxes. This is exactly why I work with small business owners just like you to simplify these areas of business so that you can keep more money in your business (where it belongs!) & avoid overpaying taxes.

Katie Tschida, Digital Organizer/Virtual Assistant

Insights from Digital Organizer

Organizing your digital spaces can provide numerous benefits, such as improving productivity, reducing stress, and saving time. By creating a structured system for your digital areas, you can easily locate the information you need, minimize clutter, and avoid the frustration of lost or misplaced files. I will share the tips and tricks I use to help my clients get organized.


This is not one of those:

... "sit-at-your-computer-watching-hours-of-video-till-your-eyes-bleed" summits. As a matter of fact, there is NO VIDEO -- you won't be tied to your computer screen at all.

... summits filled with extra events or crazy schedules that you don't actually have time for.

... promo-heavy, "buy-my-stuff" webinars disguised as a learning event.

... lose access after two days if you don't buy the VIP upgrade.

What's a Micro Audio Summit?

... an audio-only, interview-style event that you can "binge-listen" as if it like a podcast. (Listen while in your car, walking the dog, on your spin bike, etc.)

... just a handful of highly-curated expert speakers sharing their specific strategy and tactics on how to shrink your marketing efforts. You won't have "information overload" so you're more likely to actually take action and implement on what you learn.

... we're not selling you a VIP Pass upsell. As long as you register (for free) during the registration window, you'll keep you access to the interviews so you can go back to them over and over.


#1 Offer - 3 Days to VA challenge

by Jade Elsberry

#2 Offer - The Ultimate Freelancer Bundle - retails at $650

by Lisa Cumes

#3 Offer - Free Website Audit with detailed feedback

by Jen Tran

#4 Offer - Free Business & Tax Consultation

by Gianni Logan

#6 Offer - Free strategy call to help you get organized in your inbox, files, or photos(Valued at $175)

by Katie Tschida

Will it be you?

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